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Audiobook Recording – You Narrate

You want to narrate your own audiobook, which is a great idea! But how do you do it?  Which microphone should you use?  Which software do you need?  What format should you record in?  How do you know the audio quality is acceptable?  Will ACX accept your recordings?

No worries.  We will send you the gear you need to record your audiobook, pre-configured, and ready to go.  We’ll teach you how to use it, coach you on good narration and microphone technique, and help you record a test chapter or two so we know you have it right.  Once we know you have it right, go ahead and record your book.

When you’re done, you send us back our gear, send us your audio files, and we take it from there. What could be easier?


$550 – 850 for up-front coaching

$300 per finished hour of audio (minimum $600)

$400 – 700 refundable equipment deposit

(Note: Most narrators will read approximately 9,000 words per hour, so take the word count of your book and divide by 9,000.  This will give you a rough idea of how many hours of audio we will produce for you.)

ACX Account & Uploading

We’ll help you create your ACX account, then we’ll get your audiobook uploaded properly and quality checked by ACX.  If ACX has any issues with the files you recorded, we’ll work with them and/or you to get them fixed at no additional charge.  We’ll worry about it so you don’t have to.


Audiobook Cover Design

You likely already have a book cover designed, but audiobook covers are square, so your design will have to be adapted.  If needed, we will adapt your book cover to the square audiobook cover format to meet the ACX cover design guidelines.


Audiobook Recording – We Narrate

If you are not ready or able to narrate (record) your own audiobook, we can help!  We work with several experienced voiceover (VO) artists that can narrate your book for you.  If our VO artists are not perfect for your project, we can help you select a VO artist that best fits your project.  We’ll still handle all the editing, audio production and upload work as always.  Flexibility is important to us, so we’re happy to provide or find the right voice for your project if for any reason it’s not yours.

COST:  Varies based on book and VO artist selected.

Ready to turn your book into an audiobook?

Get in touch with us!  We’ll respond as quickly as possible to help you get your questions answered and get you started on your podcasting adventure.

Want to jump on a Zoom call to discuss your project?  Grab 15 minutes on Drew’s calendar to talk about it!