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Some frequently asked questions…

There's no such thing as a silly question. Here are some of the questions we get asked the most.

It doesn't matter to us!  If you're brand new to podcasting, we can help.  If you're an experienced podcaster and you're just tired of doing production work, we can help.  All are welcome!

We do not host podcasts.  There are quite a few services that do that VERY well already so we just work with them to make your podcast available at all times.  Our favorite host is (part of the Spotify family), but if you have a podcast hosted elsewhere we can absolutely work with that.  We can host your podcast website.  We're also the guys behind HELIX Managed WordPress Hosting so hosting podcast sites is right up our alley.  Ask us about that!

ABSOLUTELY!  We're just your producers.  We stake no claim to your podcast, the content you produce, or even the content WE produce for you.  You retain ownership and full rights at all times.

Not just yet.  Podcast promotion isn't really in our core suite of services but we are happy to connect you with people we trust that can help you with social media marketing and other podcast promotion strategies.  Just ask.  We're happy to make introductions!

We would LOVE to work with you to help your clients.  If you are a marketing consulting, business coach, social media consultant, or otherwise work with clients that are podcasting or want to podcast, reach out to us and let's chat.  We're happy to find ways to collaborate to meet your needs and enhance your revenue opportunites.

Contact us!  We find that the best way to get started is to have an actual conversation.  Like real humans.  Getting to know you, your goals, and your experience level will help us determine what we'll need to do for you. We're happy to invest the time in an initial "get to know you" call and we promise that we're not pushy superstar sales gurus so there's never any pressure to sign up. We're here to help so you have nothing to lose.

Ready to #JustSpeak?

Get in touch with us!  We’ll respond as quickly as possible to help you get your questions answered and get you started on your podcasting adventure. Is the phone your jam? Call us at (631)378-8097.