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Insanely Simple Podcast Production Powering DLC Live


Looking to podcast like Dean does it? Just speak. We handle recording, editing, show notes, artwork and distribution. All you need is a voice.

#JustSpeak – We’ll handle EVERYTHING else.


Send us your pre-recorded audio, or just pick up your phone and call in via phone, Zoom or Skype and we’ll record your podcast for you. We’ll even mix in an intro, an outro, and the music of your choice.  We’ll edit out the major mistakes, make you sound amazing, and produce a finished MP3 that’s ready to distribute to all the major podcast platforms. We can even create a professional podcast “trailer” if you’d like one.  Ask us!


Your podcast episode needs show notes – the detailed description of the episode that appears in all podcast players and on your website.  We’ll transcribe your audio, then our professional writers and editors will create show notes ready for posting in all location. You’ll own the raw transcription and the notes when we’re all done, so you can use them again and again wherever you see fit.


Your podcast episode needs artwork. A featured image for your website, headshots of your guests, and various graphics and infographics that add a visual element to your storytelling.  Our professional designers and graphic artists have you covered.  We’ll produce the featured image and any other artwork your podcast episode requires to be the best it can be.  You’ll own all the artwork when we’re done, so you can re-use it at any time and in any place.


Your podcast episode needs to be uploaded and distributed to all the major podcasting platforms.  We have you covered.  When your episode is ready, we’ll get it uploaded and distributed to Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, and all the biggest podcast platforms and networks.  We’ll even post the episode on your podcast website if you have one.  Bonus … you don’t ever have to care what an RSS feed is!

Turning two years worth of Instagram Live videos into a growing podcast wasn't really something I knew how to do. But HELIX does, and I could not be happier with the way they've put DLC Live on the air!

Dean StottFounder - DLC Anxiety Worldwide

"I have no clue how podcasting works. Is that OK?"

Yeah, that’s not a problem.  We were beginner podcasters too at one point.  Even Every podcast has an episode one.  We believe in our hearts that the best way to get off the ground is to simply use your voice. Everything else is just clutter.

We’ll happily teach you the basics, then we’ll get everything set up for you from scratch.  You just need a voice and something to say. Pick up your phone and start talking.  #JustSpeak .

Ready to #JustSpeak?

Get in touch with us!  We’ll respond as quickly as possible to help you get your questions answered and get you started on your podcasting adventure. Is the phone your jam? Call us at (631)378-8097.